EDI Automation

EDI Automation

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iTECH GO’s custom interface solution allows you to :

Personalise data entry and create application services

Custom designed interface for your business will help you personalise, view and create applications.

Transform external data into STRATIX/ INVEX

Capture external data using Stratix/ Invex
Exchange and transform it easily.

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Key Highlights

Data exchange is possible through standard EDI or custom data exchange
Compatible with Stratix/ Invex security and integration services
Seamless integration with Stratix/ Invex application
Ability to use non-Stratix/ Invex data source(s), including external databases or web-services

Benefits of choosing iTECH GO’s

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Benefits of EDI Automation with iTECH GO

No new
hardware or software
Plug n’ Play implementation through Stratix/ Invex configuration menu
Guaranteed compatibility with future Stratix/ Invex versions
24 Hours Support
Stratix/ Invex EXCHANGE license required

Custom Made Solutions For Your Business

iTECH GO is a Montreal-based organization, specializing in custom software development and management solutions for enterprises. It also provides consulting services in project management and IT auditing.

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