NACH Automation

NACH Automation

Robust Bankwire Payment Solutions

Our Accounts Payable Bankwire payment solution takes an outstanding Stratix/ Invex payment session and automatically maps it to any format that your bank accepts

Our NACH Files

Benefits of Processing NACH Files


Your Payables team no longer has to do double work by entering the same vendor and invoice payment information on your bank’s site. Our application takes all that information directly from Stratix/ Invex. This substantially reduces manual effort and streamlines the payment process. 

Cost Savings

Our NACH solution will also take away your tedious paper-based process such as printing and mailing checks. Your organization will see a significant cost reduction over the course of time


Electronic payments via NACH files are less prone to errors compared to manual processing methods. The standardized format of NACH files helps ensure that transaction details are accurately transmitted and processed by your bank.

Faster Payment Ecosystem

NACH payments enable faster processing compared to traditional methods like mailing checks. This can streamline payment processing.


Electronic payments through NACH files are more secure than paper-based payments, as they reduce the risk of fraud associated with lost or stolen checks. Additionally, NACH implements security protocols and standards to protect sensitive payment information.

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