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Our versatile OCR technology driven by AI has been a revelation for the organisations who struggle with complex documents where the text or the image must be diligently extracted and processed. With so many partners, vendors and customers, the need for digitisation and simplification of the documents is extremely critical. Not only it helps the companies to eliminate data entry, but it also helps the organizations to eliminate errors which can really be counterproductive. 

[/featuredbox][space size=”64″][featuredbox type=”left” title=”Document / Tag / Report Customization” icon=”icon-picons-language”]We are skilled at a wide variety of INVEX/STRATIX improvements. Our team has the necessary ability to properly complete any assignment, even if it includes customizing a single document, such as creating a work order or creating a dashboard for your intranet. Managing documents is always a humongous task as it’s critical for you to access the documents when you want. Whether it’s year-end reports or weekly ones, our technological capabilities will always be a gamechanger for your organization.

Learn More >>[/featuredbox][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″][featuredbox type=”left” title=”EDI” icon=”icon-info-3″]If you are looking to save time and effort by organizing and distributing purchase orders, sales orders, and various shipping documents, then iTECHGO is the partner you are looking for. With more than 15 years of rich experience have various customers across the globe, our EDI solutions powered by AI have played a vital role in increasing efficiency and enable organizations to be more productive. Our skilled team has got a plethora of technological advancements and credibility to assist you with complete EDI implementation.

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We can offer a multitude of seamless upgrades that easily interface with your current system by utilizing STRATIX’s integrated CSX.

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Numerous businesses find it challenging to handle the intricacies of the Accounts Payable process. Our solution automates this process, maintaining adherence to proper approval procedures. Whether it’s inputting a digital invoice directly into the system or scanning a paper one, our Accounts Payable system simplifies the task, enabling your staff to stay organized and up-to-date effortlessly. Our resourceful OCR technology enables us to scan even the trickiest Invoice/PO document and ensures correct data is extracted. This not only makes it extremely easy for you, but it also ensures flawless accuracy when it comes to data.

[/featuredbox][space size=”48″][featuredbox type=”left” title=”INVEX/STRATIX Migration” icon=”icon-code-3″]For those new to INVEX/STRATIX, we offer assistance in simplifying the transition with our team of professionals who possess expertise in data migrations from legacy systems.

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iTECH has a wealth of additional resources, ranging from our product documentation to presentations on our STRATIX enhancements. Visit our repository of documents here, or contact one of our team members here.